At chemzest our technical professionals guide our customers to use a particular product, or which product would best suit your particular process/application.

Our Technical professionals visit to the process industries or to the clients lab to conduct the scientific or technical trials to show the value addition with the chemzest Products.

Our technical support professionals have in-depth knowledge of a particular class of products, and how they should, and should not be, used.

These types of Professionals in chemzest can also be called Application Chemists, since they deal with practical applications of the chemzest products in the process industries.

  • Our technical support professionals respond to customer application inquiries on proper / specific use of the products, and show the differences between general available products / conventional products in the market.
  • Our Technical support professionals develop and deliver training materials and conduct product trainings for the customers.
  • Our technical professionals can suggest or recommend possible process enhancements by the usage of our products

In case there is a new process or unique process, our technical professional can recommend our existing products as well they can recommend our R&D team to work on the development of the new products to meet the client’s expectations.