• FLEXON Liquid Polyurethane Rubber is room temperature cure, mid-range to firm hardness (Shore A40-A80) with high performance.
  • Most concrete mixes and polyurethane resins require a suitable release agent. Vacuum degassing of mixed material using a vacuum pump and chamber to remove entrapped air is recommended.


  • High hardness A40-A80, which silicone rubber unable to reach.
  • Super strength, 3 times stronger than silicone rubber, high abrasion resistant, super tough rubbers.
  • Reproduces fine details and textures.
  • Long lasting, Economical ideal for high volume casting applications.
  • All rubber can be demolded after 5-8 hrs.

 Typical Uses & Applications

Primarily used for high production of concrete casting, forming, texture mats.

To make

  • Rubber Rollers
  • Spare Parts
  • Impact Protective Parts
  • Concrete Stamps
Physical PropertiesPUR 40PUR 50PUR 70PUR 80
Hardness (Shore °A/°D)40°A50°A70°A80°A
AppearanceLight GreenLight GreenLight GreenLight Green
Mixing Proportion (wt %)100:40100:50120:100100:100
Operating Time (Min @25°C)10101010
Curing Time (Hrs @25°C)4-84-84-84-8
Viscosity (cPs @25°C)1500-25001500-25001500-25001500-2500


STIFON Liquid Polyurethane Cast Resin is a 2 Part system consisting of a Polyol resin and a isocyanate hardener, which after mixing causes a chemical reaction and forms a hard solid surface.


  • High reactivity and low viscosity
  • Two component rigid Polyurethane Resin
  • High hardness (90 shore A-75, Shore D)
  • Good Physical and mechanical properties
  • Can used with open casting, rotational casting and Vacuum Casting


  • Casting Prototypes
  • Architectural reproductions
  • Duplicate masters production parts figures
  • Molded bars
  • Plugs caps
  • Toy parts
  • Casting,Frames,Thumbnails vehicles parts
Physical PropertiesPUR 90PUR D75
Hardness (Shore °A/°D)90°A75°D
AppearanceLight GreenLight White
Mixing Proportion (wt%)70:100100:75
Operating Time (Min @25°C)102
Curing Time (Hrs@25°C4-82
Viscosity (cPs @25°C1500-25001500-2500