Vacuum Casting Machine allows the duplication of plastic parts using a silicone mold. The vacuum casting technology makes it possible to use many different resins for all your prototypes with technical characteristics similar to injected plastics (PP,PA,PVC,PEEK etc.). Many rigid and flexible resins are available: transparent, coloured, resistant to fire, folds, shocks….


1. Automatic

2. Semi Automatic


1.Automatic Vacuum Casting Machine is operated and programmed using PLC with HMI interface.

2.The whole system is vacuumized by Vacuum pump with automatic ON/OFF.

3.Part A& Part B resins manually need to fill in the cup. Part A Cup is tilt and pour into Part B cup.

4.After transferring, Agitator will start and mixing will happen. Based on the resin type , mixing time and pouring time can be programmable.

5.Once Part A & B mixed thoroughly, Mixed cup tilt and pour into the funnel. For easy pouring resin into mold, the mold Tray can be lifted and adjusted using the push button provided.

1. PLC Programmable
2. 100% Automatic
3. Time based Mixing &
4. Variable speed mixer
5. Automatic chamber

1. Low production cost
2. Wide variety of resin can
be used
3. Very complex
geometries reproduction
4. Very high-quality finish
and fine detail (silicone
has exceptional
precision imprinting).


1. Semi Automatic/Manual vacuum system controlled by
relay-based panel.

2.The whole system is vacuumized by
Vacuum pump with Manual ON/OFF buttons.

3.In Semi-Automatic / manual machine,tilting of cups can be controlled by push buttons meanwhile in semi automatic / manual machine, tilting of cups can be done with gear

4.Mold tray height adjustment can be done using small scissor lift which is equipped with manual adjustment.

5.Vacuum gauge is provided to ensure the proper vacuum at the machine. Its most economical and simplest machine.

1.Tilting & pouring either by
manual gear /Push button
2.Semi Automatic or manual
3.Relay based control
4.Variable speed mixer
5.Semi Automatic / Manual
control chamber

2. Wide variety of resin can be
3. Easy Operation.