Polyurethane Foam Liquids A on mixing with B at ambient temperature expands to form a light density, hard, rigid,losed cell foam. PFL is available in a wide range of density (30- 110 Kg./ m3). The foam prepared from PFL not only have the best thermal properties but, it is the most versatile and fulfils the performance you need. lt is highly effective in maintaining the thermal integrity of cold storage utility and maintains the temperature of the system.


Lower Densities :

  • Filling Voids
  • Filling Under Decks
  • Flotation Or Insulation Application
  • Low Weight Casting

Higher Densities

  • Architectural Castings
  • Support Applications
  • Low Weight casting
S.No Description PUF 40 PUF 80
Reaction Profile
1 Density ( Kg/m3) 30-40 60-80
2 Cream Time (Sec) 20 22
3 Rise Time(Sec) 70 75
4 Tack Free time(Sec) 600 600